Range premium package turntable the same as the large turntable?

I have seen several unpacking for the range premium and all of them show a large turntable with foot outline picture on it and remote control with multiple buttons. However, the one I recived seems a simpler version of it. With a remote that has only direction buttons, +/- for speed and stop button. Is this turntable the same hardware or does it have different spec (for example speed). Is the only difference in the remote?

Hi! Can you share a photo of your turntable and remote, please?

The one you saw before was only a beta tester devices and not actual products , the turntable was just unfinished production prototype , the one you got is the final version .
The speed is the same and so is the hardware.

Thank you for the quick response. I can see the usefulness of preset speeds for turntable. something for next version perhaps

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I wish @Johnathan have more time to program an additional app for the big turntable , that would be awesome , it could have a lot of different functions and settings the same way as Dual Axis app he programmed, I would find time to work on the app’s graphic as well.

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already have done some work on it, I will have to see what I can do to get it finished


This is really great. One more step for newbie like me to run things in fully automated way.

I thought the turntable is IR. Does the turntable and/or remote have BT? @Johnathan for my curiosity, can you share some more technical details on how the program communicates with the turntable.

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The turntable use Bluetooth and IR for the Remote , you can download simple Android app called RevoPal for that turntable here in the forum under category: Starting point/Download

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