Turntable markers

Hi all.
I couldn’t be bothered to spend the additional £65 for a 360 turntable, although i do think it should be included in the package as a standard - It will make for a better user experience at this early stage in Revopoint.

I went and purchased a generic 360 turntable off amazon in black. It has 3 speeds and turns both clockwise and anti-clockwise.

The only thing missing is the markers.

Does anyone have an overlay/pattern of where the markers need to be - i assume the POP software has some understanding.

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There is no fixed pattern required. In Marker mode, the POP only needs for the markers to be randomly placed (no repeating patterns).

During scanning, at least 6 markers must be visible at all times. Doesn’t have to be the same 6 (this allows you to scan larger areas that have markers in them, too).


Here is a picture of mine that came with it. I am pretty sure Jeff is right about not having any certain pattern.

Oh and the turntable you purchased will be a LOT better than this one as it still makes me mad they did not give us the variable speed turntables like they said in the kickstarter :frowning:


Valuable for when I dot mine up. Lol
Thank you

Thanks for the pic. I plan to follow a similar pattern as its probably tried and tested.

I think the one I have is slightly smaller. The buttons can be fiddly.

Apparently…if you have the technical know how you can mod the revopoint version with a variable resistor (potentiometer).