Turntable (best replacement?)

As I learn about the accessories the more I get unsatisfied.
Yeah, they fulfill the minimum requirements, but just barely.
I (and everybody else) might have been better off saving a few bucks and buy aftermarket.
The included backdrop for example… let’s just say I have 120l trash bags in that color, and each costs next to nothing (and the material is better). But I bought a photo backdrop for 10 bucks since cloth is easier in use than a plastic sheet.

Now back to the topic. The included turntable is a bad joke. Too fast to be really usable. So much I did learn, but I still can’t figure out what features I do need.

Link(s) to other discussion(s)

Other discussion complaining about the turntable

I found some which are USB powered, and and or have internal batteries, some with remote control.
Some have hot features like being able to work with 100kg as load, working in steps up to 0.1° with a pause for a photo/scan, and so on.
But they come with a steep price tag as well. More than I’m actually willing to pay, on other hand if I buy one for only 20 bucks, that work on USB, and offer some variable speed … well I just don’t want to have another one around collecting dust when I then have to upgrade.

So, what is your opinion for the ones below:
B08K38MNR5 (Does also come in an option [blackb] which is more expensive, but dunno why)
B08X6JDQN6 (~20€)
B08N4W9XWF (~20€)
B088BX9MN8 (Has options for a bigger table/more weight that are more expensive)

Best bang for buck for this application
  • B08K38MNR5
  • B091G6DQP1
  • B08X6JDQN6
  • B08N4W9XWF
  • B088BX9MN8
  • other not listed, ASIN & why in comment
  • none, the included one is all you need/ best option. Why in comment

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buy a small pwm controller, screw it open, find the cables to the motor, fit the pwm controller in between and you have a turntable with variable speed.
Mine didn’t arrive yet. But very likely i will make this mod if it is really that terrible.
I will keep you updated if i do so.

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Those part numbers did not do me any good on Amazon, nor on the internet in general.

Anyway, I am looking at 10"-12" lazy susans in the $8-$10 range; I can spin them at the desired speed myself.

If I really want a motor, there are several the rotate in the range of 0.8-1.0 RPM in the $13 range, also on Amazon.



None of them, too expensive or nearly same :slight_smile:

I work actually on a small and cheap modification of the actual turntable to make them variable speed enabled :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t have a problem with the turntable although I probably won’t use it much because the things that I scan are to big. My cat got a kick out of it!


“… buy a small pwm controller, screw it open, find the cables to the motor, fit the pwm controller in between and you have a turntable with variable speed…”

The (potential) problem here is that, if you have purchased a variable-speed turntable, it may already have a PWM controller in it. Even if you substitute that, the motor may not operate at a lower speed setting.

Still, you can get them for well under $10 on eBay from US vendors (less than $2, including shipping, if you are willing to wait for shipping from China). Search for PWM Motor Speed Controller



Ooops, careful, it’s not a DC motor, it’s a stepper, https://www.seeedstudio.com/Small-Size-and-High-Torque-Stepper-Motor-35BYJ412-p-1923.html) , and there you can also get the adequate stepper driver (which I bought) https://www.seeedstudio.com/Stepper-Motor-Driver-p-4551.html

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Sorry, that driver is a 5V, the stepper is a 12v… requires a different approach,main power supply would have to power Arduino, plus, separately, a driver for the stepper :thinking:

Nebulus is right, the seedstudio driver seems to work only on 5V (but apart from the diodes, the components seem to be 12v ready). OTOH, there are numerous other ULN2003 drivers out there that seem to be 5-12v compatible.

Well, some of the turntables are bigger. E.g B088BVK52Q is a 60cm (~24") with a max load of 40kg but a steep asking price of $375.
And B08K38MNR5 is a 30cm for 75€. (the included one from POP is 20 cm)

Yeah, I just checked. Most ASIN don’t work on amazon.com (they do work on amazon.de , though)

While running it I already thought that it suspiciously sounded like a stepper motor.
I think I still have a stepper driver in my Arduino parts box. Maybe I’ll run it on a at-tiny or something.
Didn’t opened it, yet. But maybe it’s even possible to recycle the driver that is build in.

To be honesr i just use a lazy suzan and turn it by hand from the underside keepkng My hand out of thr glframe ornwearong black gloves

Yup there ya go… KISS (keep it simple stupid)
Lazy Susan’s are in Ikea for approx. $10-15

Thingiverse is a great site for turntables as seen HERE

Here’s a suggestion… Microwave OVEN - Make use of the “wheel ring” that holds the plate as it rotates. Remove it from the microwave & take it for a spin… works perfect. (just don’t try it while the microwave is running and the door is open… not cool


If you want to go really, really cheap, you can get a couple of pie tins from the dollar store and a bag of marbles to go between them to act as ball barings. You could probably attach a flat, round tray on the top to place the item on. I think that would be like $5 at the dollar store for the necessary parts.

For about the same money, and a lot less effort and driving around, I got a manual turntable (a black Lazy Susan) with a 65 lb carrying capacity for $9 with free shipping.


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