RANGE, POP 2, POP 3, MINI Showcase (by the texture guy)

That looks beautiful Richard ! Well done !

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Three peaches, scanned with POP 3. It was very hard to get them right. I had to jump from Revoscan to Cloud Compare to Zbrush and do a hundred tricks to get them. It would be much easier if the devs could add the features I sugested :pray:




After made into lowpoly and rendered:


Hi @RichardWren ,

Excellent post.

I have recorded your suggestions and will discuss with team. As for the “retain the texture mapping after aligning/merging clouds somehow”, we know that many users are requesting this feature, but the dev team needs some time to find a solution.

Thank you again! Please keep up your great work.


I’d like to take the chance to add these scans I did for the MIRACO contest here, so anyone who’s interested can see my work in this thread :hugs:

They were all taken with POP3:

Now, the following was taken with Range.

I sat the actor in a computer chair in front of the scanner, and I spined the chair from Left to Right to capture 180 degrees of each expression. I didn’t need the scans to be perfect, since I was looking only to capture the facial expression and the wrinkles and folds, so taking each of these faces took less than a minute. I didn’t have to do any cleanup afterwards, only cropping away the hair and the chair :star_struck:

Then, I took all these expressions and projected them in the mesh of the character creator I’m developing (with ZBrush), and added them as shape keys, to make the face animation with mocap much more believable :sparkles:

In the video below you can see a small test I took.

(The character in the video is still a bit wacky (in beta) so it’s not as detailed as the final result will be :kissing_smiling_eyes:)

That’s all for now! I’ve finally fixed the issues with my MINI, so when I have a moment I will take some more scans of jewels and other tiny things.

See you then! :wave:

Hi Richard , great job

Do you know that you can now create textures after merging your cloud points ?

You can also edit your point clouds and clean them in CC and still merge them in Revo Scan 5 and generate textures after meshing the merged point clouds ?

I am working on some. Videos about that subject …will let you know when done .

Keep up the good work

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That is wonderful news! I was looking forward to something like that!
GREAT JOB for the Devs!! :sparkles: :star2: :clap:
I will definitely test that!!