Testing out the new RANGE scanner

RANGE KS link:

I got a chance to try the RANGE scanner on some objects that would have been too large for the POP and the MINI. I will say that I am impressed. Scanning large objects with the RANGE is as easy as using the POP, and the quality of the capture is good.


Iā€™m quite impressed with how the Range captured the black and the shiny surfaces. About how long did it take you to scan it?

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I used a lot of Aesub Orange on just about every part of it. It took about an hour to scan in four parts and then combine them.


I have a question about the color information, looks like it can capture color data and generate mapping on the model in the KS campagin, but some one on the forum said they are just vertex colors, I want to know which is correct?

The software captures both , color per vertex and textures , it is up to you what you want to export ā€¦