Pop comparison to POP2

Hi Guys how are u?
I have the POP scanner and thinking about change to POP2. I was looking at the specification and didnt see that much differece. What do you think about it?
Thank you!!

Alone the single frame accuracy of “up to 0.3mm” on pop1 vs “up to 0.05mm” is a HUGE and very noticible difference. Also better tracking due to 2fps more on Pop2. Hardware overall improved.
Depends on what you are scanning and on your needs. For texture scanning alone Pop2 is MUCH better.

I have both and pop 2 is for now my standard scanner. It might change by arrival of Range, as I plan to mostly scan bigger objects.


The POP 2 has the following improvements:

  1. Works at 5GHz Wi-Fi instead of 2.4GHz. This allows Marker mode to be done over Wi-Fi (not allowed @2.4GHz).
  2. There is a Calibration utility for the POP 2. At one time, this was promised for the POP, but I haven’t seen it.
  3. It supports firmware upgrades more fluidly.

@Isabelafmp please see the specifications of POP1 and POP2 and make your decision based on your needs, both are different and offers different thing .

Most important is the accuracy … if you look for better accuracy go for POP2 , POP1 have a simple hardware , and lower accuracy , it can’t be calibrated in case your losing the sensors accuracy , so definitely I would go with POP2 .

Sadly things can’t be changed in POP1 to make it better as most everything is based on the limitation if the hardware .

POP2 is definitely the community favorite and you get more for your bugs by buying it .

There is nothing more to add to this thread .
And due to negativity from other users i am closing this thread .
Since there is truly no comparison between any of the scanners . As all of them are different .

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