Cant make up my mind about pop2 vs mini

Cant make up my mind which is better for my needs:

Scanning car engine mounts, manifolds, gearboxes, engine/gearbox faces. As its mostly larger, lighting might be awkward and comparatively larger size seems that pop2 should be superior as every description and reviews praise mini for small objects, but not a single person said its better for reverse engineering larger items ( engine/gearbox face is 350-500mm diameter). On paper though mini is better

MINI was made for scanning mini objects to begin with at the distance of 10 to 20 cm so definitely not for scanning the size you mentioned , not even for POP2 .

If you want to scan big stuff wait for upcoming Range 3D scanner .
And if you don’t want to wait go with POP2

MINI is definitely not good for what you need and will give you a hard time .
Lots of 3D scanning spray and lots of markets and lots of merging of little scans .

Thanks for the info. Seems like Mini would lead to lots of exotic words as well doing these jobs… Pop 2 it is then. Off to order one… Cheers