Range not detected in software in USB

Got the range today. I can’t have the software detect my Range via USB. It works with wifi. I have a Lenovo 5i 2022 with USB3.1 ports. I tried with both cables, multiple ports, and RevoScan 4 & 5. What can I do next ? Thanks

I have all devices from Revopoint and my workstation do not accept connection via single USB port , so I used the mobile split cable and use the tye USB A for power and USB C for data connected to my PC and it works great ( I use 2 cable extensions) , even if I connect both cables to my PC it works just fine … sadly not via single cable and there is nothing you can do about since it depends on your system , my PC tablet works great on a single cable but my PC workstation don’t considering it was 10 times more expensive than the tablet .

The solution is very simple.
Windows Settings/Camera/Allow
And ready!

This will not work with detection , it works only if the camera is not visible , he have already permission ON on his computer since it works just fine via WiFi .

That did work, thanks !

You used the split cable ? Or you adjusted the settings ?

I just plugged mine in for the first time and i also have to have both cables connected. Using a very new lenovo.

On my tablet PC works with one cable on my PC only split cable … it is what it is …

You can still go for WiFi the quality is the same as with USB cable , no differences
Make sure only it support 5Ghz WiFi at least