Camera Exception

I’ve just started using my Range with my huawei p30 pro.

I’m not sure if this is likely a phone or scanner issue, so I thought it best to ask here, if any one has experienced the same.

Also the scanner keeps disconnecting from my phone.

Aside from this hopefully minor issue, I’m enjoying the Ranges capability.

Thank you

What is your setup? How do you connect the Range to the phone? What is your power source for Range?
I have Huawei p30 pro, too and only issue with it is transferring files to pc.

I am just using the cable provided by revopoint, the usb… Usb c… Revopoint power connector.

If it happening while you connected Range via USB to your phone then it will be the OTG issue , if you connected via WiFi and still have the issue check if your have allowed to keep the connection via WiFi without Internet , other way it will fail back and forth .

It is not a scanner issue in both situations

If it was USB , try via WiFi , both allow you the same performance so you losing nothing .

Great answer thank you, I’ll look into connecting via WiFi, I’ve not used that option before, always hard wired.

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Now connected via wifi, thank you.

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Hi Gary, does this error message still pop up recently?
If yes, please send me the Software version, firmware version and SN to

All working ok now, thank you