Range - cannot successfully relatively flat object

I’m trying to scan this slightly curved posterboard, and the best I can do is get a 1/3 of the piece.

I really have no idea what could be wrong. I’ve tried all sorts of exposure combinations, I’ve tried the handheld stabilizer; I’ve even tried moving it along the posterboard while mounted on a tripod, staying on Good & Excellent the entire time. I’ve tried using a phone (iPhone 14 Pro Max w/ 6G RAM) and a computer (Mac with 64G RAM).

It doesn’t say it’s lost track at any point, but it does turn red from time to time, even when it’s in good or excellent range.

The scan is clearly unusable - I see scans online that are damned near perfect, so it must be something I’m doing.

Any recommendations are appreciated.

You cant scan it without using marker mode, or using additional features , this type of objects are typically not used to scan with 3D Structured light scanners as they are easy to make in 3D software, this scanner is feature based so your object need features for tracking , without it you cant scan it … if you really need that just add additional objects around it and try again … use bigger mode also like Body mode and fuse with Advanced mode , do not mesh it after at too high levels around 5.5 is Max

Hi. Please read this and try it out.

Flat/regular surfaces without features cannot be tracked , no matter how expensive the scanner. you have to make some features (from official markers for marker mode to small stuff you have lying around like lego bricks) on and/or around the object . For Range these shouldn’t be more than 8cm apart. you try to make several scans that way but placing these features in new scan on other places than in the scan before. in the post process you cut these features out and get holes where in other scan you don’t have them and then you merge these scans to a complete one.

Let us know how it worked for you.

damn ,Catharina, I pressed the button and just see meanwhile your answer is allready there​:rofl: I have to get faster typing on my smartphone.:grin:

you can use the search function on this forum look for “tracking features merge range”. there might be some useful hints for you , too.