How to scan a complex and flat object

Hi all,

I am trying to scan an object which is quite flat. So whenever I am scanning one side and the scanner passes over the flat edge, alignment gets lost. So I have scanned the back and front in two steps, but then the alignment can not find overlapping segments due to the small edge.
Maybe these pictures can help, scanning-spray almost gone.
Any idea on how to scan such objects?

Thanks a lot for suggestions!


This looks like a washable object. Maybe use foot spray or dry shampoo spray. Much cheaper than scanning spray! Only needs some rincing to clean afterwards.

As for scanning: put some objects with features around the object. I like using lego bricks. Scan as much you can without tracking issues, remove these objects easily in revoscan before merging multiple scans if you needed to take more passes.

You might check these posts:

Place a towel under it. Make sure to scan the towel as your moving around from the front to back


Good ideas, thanks a lot! I will try them all and report.

Works like a charm! Great idea, thanks a lot.

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