Hand held Range 2 - having issues

So I’ve just got my Range 2 and have been doing some test scans. I holding the scanner in my hand, a turntable isn’t practical for me as I’ve got some large things to scan.

I’m getting a lot of ghosting and the fuse process does not get rid of them.

I’ve got it on Standard scan depth, not colour, auto exposure and I’m in a room room with a single overhead light, so not very bright.

Here’s an example scan of an apple.

Hi @tonty

Apple is not exactly an object you want to scan using Range while holding it in a hand .

3D structured light scanners require unique features .

Use marker mode for primitive objects or add other objects to support tracking .

Range 2 in general is best for middle size object to large objects meaning bigger than 15-25 cm

Try adding more small objects around the apple and try again , it will eliminate your issues .

You can always remove the additional objects after scanning .

Thank you. Really helpful.

Much better scan this time

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