Range and POP3 Combo Body Scan

Turntable body scan of my brother-in-law I did just before he left for the airport (so wasn’t able to prep/powder his hair at all, but it turned out fairly well.)
Mainly did the scan to just test out my new Range/POP3 rig, so used the Range for the body (and hair) and the POP3 for a higher resolution face. If I’d had a bit more time I would have grabbed some more POP3 areas like around the belt and maybe got him to stick on a pair of shoes!
I did also grab some MINI scans of facial features, which I’ll add at a later date - for now it was just a chance to test out the rig.
Pretty pleased with how things turned out. Certainly better than my combo Artec MHT/L rig I’ve been using since about 2011! Still a little bit of cleanup to do, but it’s mostly there.
I processed all the data in Revo Scan 5, but then took it into both Artec Studio 9 and Headus PlyEdit for final cleanup.
(I’ve attached an image of the combo rig - actually an Inspire as the lower system, but I swapped that out for a POP3 for the body scan. Rig works well - really stable (although obviously a bit heavier).