3D Scanning Guy - Showcase - RANGE 2

I figured I would make this showcase rather than keep on uploading new scans to separate topics, so apologies for any repeats that you’ve already seen!

First up was a test out of the box - my wife, definitely not up for being scanned at that point, and dressed like a ninja… so not ideal conditions! Was really impressed with how the system picked up the embroidered star (which I hadn’t even noticed) and the differences between skin, hair and the dark clothing on auto settings.

Next I moved onto my daughter as a subject, who was slightly less of a reluctant subject, but still only agreed if she could keep listening to her music. I thought the headphones would mess up the scan, but in the end they turned out great, especially as there was some chrome on them.
Again, also really impressed how the system tracked sensitivity between dark clothes and light skin, and how well it handled the untreated hair. By this point it was definitely winning me over!

To try and ensure a more willing subject next time, I printed out a little figure for her for when she got home from school…

I didn’t use the illuminators as I didn’t want to shine bright lights in an already moody kid’s eyes, but the system actually did a pretty good job with the texture (barring the shadows from the overheads). Low-resolution render but shows this along with the differing textures/colours the system dealt ably with.

Next up was a little more of a clinical test between the old and new RANGE systems, and comparing the texture to that from the MIRACO. Although lower resolution, the colour fidelity on the RANGE2 is excellent - this image shows that well, with the MIRACO map not remotely as faithfully reproducing the texture as the RANGE2

Even after some heavy correction in Photoshop, the RANGE2 still comes out top on colour fidelity, if not outright resolution.

Then it was back to body scans, and a scan of an old school buddy of mine that I meet up with one or two times a month for a guitar jam. This was right before he left the next day, so after a 3am night before he wasn’t in the best shape to be spun on a turntable, and I was much better to be scanning… but the RANGE2 once again helped tracking loads with the larger FOV and the IMU. This scan if direct from the system with zero post work.

Next I took an outing to the local churchyard one evening… because creeping around graveyards at night with 3D scanners is just the way I roll :wink:
I picked a stone at random and used the system illuminators to see what I was doing. Loved the way it’s just so easy to connect to my phone and get scanning. Considering the (relative) lack of features on quite a big stone, the system did great again.

In case you’re interested, the inscription reads:

“In Loving Memory of
John Scouse
Who Departed This Life
April 25th 1897
Aged 86 Years
‘My Days Are Gone Like A Shadow’
Also Of
Wife Of The Above
Who Departed This Life
August 17th 1904
Aged 85 Years
‘They Were Lovely And Pleasant In Their Lives’ - 2 Sam 1:23”

I’m not religious so I had to do some detective work on the inscription (well, I didn’t have to, but I was intrigued). ‘My Days Are Gone Like A Shadow’ is a 17th century choral tune. It has a pretty funerial sound to it, so guessing it was played at John’s funeral?

The second quote took a wee bit more digging as it’s more worn being closer to the ground, and quite covered in ivy, and the bible verse was pretty illegible, but discovered it’s from the book of Samuel, and makes sense when you read the second verse, which is “In their death, they were not divided”… which is kind of lovely.

I didn’t really notice the smaller stone at the back until afterwards, but I’m presuming it was perhaps the couple’s pet, buried next to them at a later date. There’s no obvious inscription I can make out.

Everyone knows you can’t really call yourself a 3D scanning enthusiast until you’ve scanned some footwear :wink:

Well it was time to take this to the next level with some motorcycle boots.

Continuous Mode
High Accuracy
Feature Tracking
General Object
Raw data - no post editing
Scanning Spray: AESUB Blue
Polygons: 4.2M
Rendering: Keyshot

They conveniently were exactly the right size to fill the frame in the Excellent range of the RANGE2 - one revolution on the turntable upright followed by two more from each side (so I could also capture the sole).

Just paused between each scan - no merging inside Revo Scan 5. The only place that needs a slight edit/smooth is some noise on the shiny plastic shin protector where the scanning spray had worn a little (probably through handling) - but that’s a few seconds editing.

The RANGE2 keep amazing me to be honest. To get this kind of definition from a large FOV scanner for under $1000 is pretty astounding. It even picked up the small holes in the calf bindings. Impressive!

Will add more as and when they come… so watch this space!


This is really great work! Looking forward to seeing more! :clap:

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great scans…i have not done a body scan with my range 2 yet…thats next on the docket… i like mixing the range 2 withthe pop 2 for tighter places…

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Another RANGE2 guinea-pig, this time to test out the WIFI capabilities. I actually scanned the shoes separately and just placed them in position for the render. Still scanned with the RANGE2 though!

Once again a trouble-free body scan. Love scanning (especially body scanning) with the RANGE2.

Processing: Revo Scan 5
Editing: None (raw data from the scanner)
Renders: Keyshot


Since the initial scans and renders of this body scan, I’ve actually been experimenting with some external point processing as the meshing for the RANGE2 inside Revo Scan 5 is a little on the safe side of Clean vs Noise.

I’d rather have a little more definition and have to clean up the odd bit of noise. Also it’s nice to have some more polys to work with sculpting (7.5M vs 1.5M)

I should point out though that there are some situations when I want less definition and more detail, but I also want the option to grab more detail, even if it does mean more noise.

No more details at present as I’m talking to Revopoint about how they can just give us this little bit more leeway with meshing inside Revo Scan 5. Gimme noise! I can take it! :wink:

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Sadly level 8 in meshing is impossible to use with Revo Scan 5 and Range2 , I already negotiated it while beta testing and the answer was “NO” .
The maximum I got was level 7 from level 6.

I do agree we need that , but I do mesh it in Cloud Compare for the desired levels , sadly Revo Scan 5 and level 7 is not optimal for that point cloud , even if you fuse at 0.2mm


Yeah, I mean at the moment Level 6 inside RS5 is like an Octree 10 Poisson Reconstruction inside CC… in fact I they’re almost identical, down to the “threadbaring” artefact on the front pocket of the hoodie, from too harsh oversampling.

I actually also tried it in CC at Octree 12 (see attached - on the right) which I guess is like a Level 8 in RS5, and is just a wee bit too far into the noise side for my liking. So Octree 11 in CC (with everything else at default) or a RS5 Level 7 is pretty much the perfect balance.

With almost all the other Revopoint systems, maxing out the meshing slider either to 6 or 7 works fine, but with the RANGE2, it’s just way too soft. I’m generating about 33M+ points from a full body scan, and processing takes that down to around 880K vertices on the poly mesh - I don’t want to lose all those points to “noise” filtering. I also don’t want a 1.5M poly mesh to work with, which creates it’s own aliasing artefacts.

I mean I get why they maybe went there - it’s the cleanest mesh with the least requirement for clean-up in post, and as I said in that last post, for some gigs you’d want that softer, less editing-heavy approach (like a bunch of background/crowd figures).

But I think it’s important to have the choice over having more detail/noise - because in this case at least… it needs it! I kind of feel it’s hogtying the RANGE2’s capabilities.


I agree , CC at OC tree 12 was slightly too much and artificial points creates too many noises .

That is true , the algorithms sadly downgrading the pointcloud losing too many details in the process , 880K for full body is nothing , but the algorithms reduce the amount of the points to prevent the RAM usage to run out and crash on smaller operating systems .
I requested already an options for those that can handle this kind of 3D models and processing on their system .

This path is not different than we encountered with Range 1 , same case , same issues .

But good we talking about because it is very important subject .

Totally agree on that statement, it is not just the noises , we losing so much data in the processing , and your meshed 3D model will be only as good as your point cloud , downgrading purposively the process so people with old laptops and only 16GB can play safe, is unacceptable.

And as always a 3D scanner is as good as it’s software .

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