Range 3D Scanner - scanning ancient wood sculpture

Hello everyone,
I (like beta user) received the new Revopoint scanner some time ago, the Range (beta unit) and a big turntable for the Body scan.
I have used windows software (beta) compatible with the new scanner (and to connect and use the hand stabilizer too).
Eager to see how this works I did a test with a sculpture, which I could scan using the big turntable (placed on a table, rather than on the floor). The big turntable was created for the body scan but, for those who need it, also to scan large objects (weighing up to 100 kg) such as sculptures.

The most immediate impression is that it does not lose track during scanning. The format of the scanner is much larger than other Revopoint scanners, but on the other hand, the scanner is really light. There are many new features of the software (which we will learn more about later).

After completing the scan, the point cloud has meshed. The cut of the base was made in MeshMixer.

Below is the result of this first test

Now, after this first test, I plan to use it to scan larger objects (in my case bigger sculptures). I’m also thinking about antique furniture.
Also, as soon as it becomes available, I will carry out tests with the Mac version of RevoScan.

the wood sculpture (really dark)


Excellent scan @dfodaro , but I don’t expecting less from you.

did you tried to mesh it in Revo Studio at level 7 ? it will bring out even more details , currently the level 6 in Revo Scan Beta is slightly too low for the optimal Range Beta Scan meshing results , so the finest sharp edge details are not there . Just in case you don’t know about.


Other version meshed in Revo Studio at max level
Thanks to PUTV for suggestion


Thx a LOT for shating! Great results! How long did it take you to scan this sculpture?

Thanks Ivan,

The sculpture was scanned using the big turntable

For the time it took a few minutes, I think (I didn’t time)

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Looking great Davide ! Like the sharper edges with the preview shader .
Well done !

The higher level meshing works mostly on bigger objects scanned with Range , smaller objects do not make huge differences.

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