RANGE 3D Scanner - Scanning big sculptures (and others)


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Hello everyone,
Having had the opportunity to preview the Range scanner from Revopoint, I have employed it in testing it on large-scale sculptures.
More and more 3D technologies are being employed in various professional and non-professional fields.
One field in which they have found fruitful use is Cultural Heritage.
The features of this latest scanner from Revopoint direct its use on large objects, and it was a pleasure for me to assay its potential on large sculptures.

The Range scanner, like the others in the Revopoint series, is small, lightweight, and can be used in handheld mode or mounted on a tripod. Also in the case of the Range scanner is the use of a turntable: in this case, it is a giant version that allows for human scans. But in my case, it is also well suited to speed scanning of sculptures. I report that the supported weight is up to 100 kg and it can be used either on the floor or on a table (see the wood sculpture scan).
After extensive testing, I was favourably impressed by the scanning speed: large and articulated sculptures can be scanned in a few minutes. In addition, the ability to calibrate the exposure makes it possible to optimally capture surfaces of various colours (see the example of the gladiator sculpture). A very interesting option is to set the scanner’s depth of capture: this allows you to exclude unwanted portions of the environment in which you are scanning.
It should also be pointed out that despite the fact that this is a scanner aimed at scanning large objects the quality of detail is excellent (see the various examples).
I was favourably impressed with the smoothness of the software in scanning, and the stop and resume of the scan (and thus realignment and tracking) work very well.

And now we come to illustrate the examples

Range 3D Scanner - scanning ancient wood sculpture - 50 cm tall

Eager to see how this works I did a test with a sculpture, which I could scan using the big turntable (placed on a table, rather than on the floor). The big turntable was created for the body scan but, for those who need it, also to scan large objects (weighing up to 100 kg) such as sculptures.

The most immediate impression is that it does not lose track during scanning. The format of the scanner is much larger than other Revopoint scanners, but on the other hand, the scanner is really light. There are many new features of the software.

After completing the scan, the point cloud has meshed with Revostudio and note the quality of detail achievable.

Range 3D Scanner - scanning a Gladiator Sculpture - 150 cm tall

It is scanning a “gladiator cleaning himself with a strigil”. This is a sculpture 150 cm tall.
The original sculpture has a very dark surface
The point cloud has meshed in Revo Studio

Range 3D Scanner - Scanning male nude sculpture - 130 cm tall

Scanning a sculpture with a weather-marked and inscribed surface also made it possible to assess the quality of detail achievable with the scanner. Let’s see the result.

As you can see, the surface details are recorded and the inscription is also visible.

Range 3D Scanner - Scanning a female portrait - 70 cm tall

Again, for a female portrait, the scanning was done to test the possibility of capturing the entire object in one session and obtaining quality detail.
Note the hair and the small folds in the dress.

Speed scanning and quality details

Range 3D Scanner - antique mirror frame - 70 cm diameter

Finally, I performed a scan test of an antique mirror frame. The object has intricate detail that was quality recorded. The scan, like the others, was done at once (no separate scans to be merged later), which significantly speed up the process.

Final considerations:
Revopoint’s Range scanner is a tool that enriches the toolbox of all 3D technology users. The ability to scan large objects quickly and with a quality level of detail is an important opportunity that will find a wide range of people interested. The scanning software, RevoScan, and the editing software, RevoStudio, are constantly evolving and have improved so much since the first release, and by enriching new features. An extremely important feature is the portability of these scanners: small and lightweight, they do not need separate power. In addition, the software exists for win, mac, ios and android (no other brand has this possibility). Of course like all technologies it must be used with knowledge and having well in mind the potential, but also the limitations, of 3D scanners (of any brand!).


I say.
Are they full size scans?

What do you mean?
The description shows the actual size of the sculptures (and the mirror frame)

O yes I see.

Impressive results. I really like that you are able to make this variety of scans with one pass, with no assembly required.


Hi Jeff
Thanks for your appreciation
The RANGE is amazing!

Hi Davide,

Excellent scans as usually my friend.
Keep up the good work !

Looking forward to see some antique furniture scanned by you , with Revo Scan 5 maybe ?


In the description of the kickstarter Range campaign I saw a picture of RevoScan 5 and it looks quite feature rich. I can’t wait to be able to test it.