Range 3D Scanner - Dragon

This scan was done on the turntable in 3 positions with the Range scanner then aligned in Revo Studio

The Dragon is about 35cm tall


Looking great Johnathan, thanks for sharing !

I was very interested in Range, but I need to see a scan of a statue or basrelief not on the turntable, because i need to scan large object that is impossible to move fro the original place…
If possible. many thanks… like foto…

IMHO it won’t be that of a problem. Either tracking will be more or less OK, and even if it won’t, you can always make a few scan passes from different sides, and fuse them after. Since statue is not a living person, that can and will move, if you will take too long to scan, so it might fit well.

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You can’t scan outdoors unless it is before or after sunset , if you are in Europe you get long time after sunset, but if North America the time is around 30 min , unless you are ok scanning in dark or indoors or area that is sheltered from the sun , on a cloudy day the time for scanning is much longer .


Honestly im not very impressed. Theres a lot of details apparently washed away. I believe the model is not very good to showcase the range, because a lot of details are coming from the paint job on the model and not its actual design…

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The point is that Range can pick up details starting at 30 cm distance where no MINI or POP2 can anymore with this level at that distance.
The accuracy is much lower otherwise not your phone, tablet or laptop could process the mesh at that scale .

So don’t expect Range to replace MINI or POP2 with the level of details as that is no more about the fine details but the size of the object and better tracking .

I hope this is clear .
If you try to capture this figure at 30cm with POP2 you would not even get half of the details anymore .

I dont expect neither of that. And thats not my point. My point is the scanned model sucks, and does not show consistency with the level of detail that was already shown on other scans from the Range. I remenber seeing a boot, and a someones bust…Now the detail on those is incomparable with this…

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No editing just opened in a different software, Revo scan & Studio don’t really show the detail well