Proud new Mini owner and forum participant

Hello All, Mike here from Chicago Illinois burbs…

I’ve wanted a 3d scanner for years now, finally took the plunge,
the mini seemed like a great start for me! I do a lot of reverse
engineering by eye and hand so I hope the Mini makes the
whole process better and expand my capabilities. I have
cad/cam experience and good knowledge of Fusion360,
Meshlab and others. I’ve tried Photogrammetry so I think
this helped a bit with my first few Mini scans so far. Mini
seems awesome so far! Hope it keeps improving!
Dang, now I want a Range too !!

Happy to be here…


Welcome to the community! :beers:

Hi Mike , welcome to the forum and congrats on your new tool !

Yes please don’t miss Range on KS … I did not came across yet any device in this price range that could deliver what it do …
I was speechless the first day …


Impossible! :rofl:
+enough characters to exceed 20… :neutral_face:

I was … because I could not share anything with anybody as I got it first …

So the moment I connected it to Revo Scan was jaw dropping moment … And usually I do not speak to myself either :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi @mpstek ,

Thank you for choosing MINI and welcome to join this forum!

Best Regards

Hi all! I recently purchased a revopoint mini scanner. Happy New Year 2023 everyone.


Welcome @Denis thank you and congrats on your new tool.

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Welcome! And don’t forget to share your results and experiences😉

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Definitely, I have one scanned bust of “Manneken Pis”, I’ll share it over the phone soon.

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Hi @Denis ,

Thank you for your support. Happy New Year 2023.