Loving the Miraco!

Ive been ariound since the original Pop (and backed 3 more additional models, and now the Miraco)…

I just wanted to stop into the forum to tell Revopoint that I am very impressed with The Miraco - it has been able to scan things that I never had luck with using the previous models - and items that did scan well, scan quicker and easier with the Miraco. Granted, its only been three days with it and Ive only scanned a handful of things, but from he first tests, I was very happy with the results.

Its a great Christmas present (to myself) !!! Looking forward to any additional tweaks that may be in the channel, either with the Firmware or Revoscan updates.

I hope everyone has a great Holiday season (whatever you celebrate) and a great New Years! More Miraco in 2024! :slight_smile:

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Hi Scott,

That’s great to hear about !
Happy Holidays to you and yours !

Hopefully we see soon your Miraco showcase in the forum …looking forward to it …

Wishing you also a Happy and Healthy New Year 2024 !

Stay Creative and Happy Scannings !

Glad you like it. We rather like it too!
The thing that’s been transformative for me is that I can shove it in my bag and be ready to scan no matter where I am. I just look like a strange man with a weird camera.

100% - thats the “added benefit” - love that I just go and scan, no hookups / etc… I wasnt considering that too much, if it didnt scan well, that wouldnt help much :slight_smile: - Put the standalone together with the scan quality = Impressive scanner.

Thank you! Merry Christmas and enjoy your MIRACO! :clap:

Just? What about those of us who looked strange even prior to getting a Miraco? People always pointed and laughed as we held our pencils and pads of paper, trying to draw renditions without a proper 3d scanner.

Why, I saw Bad Chad trying to wrap paper over an car fender to try to transfer its dimensions, it mightve as well been filmed using a 8mm reel to reel. Chad wouldnt do so bad, had Chad got a Miraco 3d scanner, and then be the most least mad most glad Chad that he did.

I like that no more playing hopscotch with wires attached to expensive electronics when in 3d scanning mode.
Thanx Miraco, earning statues as you do.

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