Problems importing and viewing! Corrupt file

Can anyone shed some light on this.
I just got my Pop2. Created a scan, exported as a .OBJ, I see the file - all seems fine.
When I try to open it in Windows 3d viewer. Nothing. Then I try and import as a mesh in Fusion 360 and I get an error. Same thing when I try to upload to Fusion. I also try to import to Chitbox and it just crashes it.
What am I missing?

when you export the obj you will get 2 *objs , one has “mesh” in the name , that will be the proper *obj to load . Make sure the OBJ model is meshed before exporting as *obj
Windows 3D viewer do not allow bigger objs to be viewed or it take a very long time to be load

2 millions poly model , if I choose the one without “mesh” in its name it would not load because it is point cloud not mesh .

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How it can be 0 bytes ? the files with the “mesh” name are usually 10 times smaller than the one without . You will need to be a little more specific , what system, what software .?

Misread their post.

@Specialized If you want to, you can view the file without the mesh through Revo Studio.

the files without the :mesh: are point cloud files only , can’t be open in other software that do not support point cloud files . Revo studio do read the files as you figured it out already .