Exporting to OBJ - error opening file

So I’m probably doing something wrong. I scanned my buddy’s face (that’s all we wanted to capture). Seemed to work out fine. Followed the instructions by selecting ‘Face’. Once I was done, I clicked finish and exported as an OBJ. I did three versions. All files don’t seem to show anything when I open them in multiple programs. Zbrush just says there is an error. Meshmixer shows nothing.

Any suggestions? I saw one video where just the face was capture and downloaded the provided file which opens fine.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @ForbiddenEngravings

Sorry, may I know which version did you use? Could you please share the screenshot of “About” page?

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Version of Handyscan?

Yes. Did you use Windows or Android or iOS version? What is the version number?

Please make sure that you used the newest version. You can check it in the download category: Download - Revopoint 3D

I used the latest version for Windows. So whatever is currently available for download. I think that is 2.7.9

If you don’t do the meshing operation, the OBJ will only have points instead of triangles, and Meshmixer cannot open it.

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I suspected it was something like that. However, I thought by clicking the complete/finish button, that was what that did?

Finishing the capture only fuses the frames into a composite point cloud. Creating a mesh from the points is a separate step.

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That must of been where I went wrong. Silly me! I appreciate the assistance!

I suppose there is nothing I can do with the current exported files? Sorry, I’m a noob to scanning.

I believe you can open those in Handy Studio that installs along with Handy Scan on Windows, and mesh there.

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I’ll try that and/or Meshlab which I have not tried yet