Obj and Ply files Will Not Load. How can I fix this problem?

Hi, After creating the scan files ply and/or obj, with my POP 2, they “cannot be loaded” into any of my 3D software, like Meshmixer, and Chitubox. How can I fix this problem? Thank you - Jeff

Is it a point cloud or a mesh that you’re exporting?

I’ve had issues with some of my exports not working in Fusion 360, I’m also curious about root cause is.

Have you tried MeshLab?

Make sure you have the last software build.
When exporting fused point cloud use .ply
If you exporting already meshed objects choice *.obj
also change the extension while exporting to the correct one .
After you exported the obj , you will have “mesh” in their name , that is the one to load to your other programs .
Pay attention that the proper extension is selected, by default it is .ply I see people exporting as .obj and the files are actually .ply as they do not changed the proper extension while exporting