Problems connecting on Android

Galaxy S10. Scanner on WiFi network and accessable from windows 10 laptop (but not my desktop, checking on video card compatibility). Settings on WiFi Mode. A list with three radio buttons pops up and it displays a lot of HTML code. Selecting them does nothing. After trying to get a screen shot of the text, now clicking scan just pops a warning that Handy Scan keeps stopping.


Where this html code appears?
Into Handy scan app on your android phone?

Yes, when I click the Scan button, it switches to the screen for that, then pops a dialog with the buttons and text asking me to select the device

Tested again this morning, and all works. Wierd, but you can close this out. Incidently, which software is the most stable and up-to-date? I can run on Android, IOS or windows so which would you suggest?


Most stable is windows version, after android

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