First test of my POP scanner

Hi everyone,

Just received my scanner and I did a first test, without reading the manual, just plugged it in my pc and started to scan.
First result: better then my €15.000 FastScan!
I am impressed.


Hello @PodoTools

I am impressed to hear that! Thank you for your return. can i abuse your patience and ask if you could post a scan of the same object made with your expensive scanner and with the pop to have a comparison?

Big thank you in advance

Hi Zoltan,
I scanned a foot imprint in foam with my Polhemus FastScan that I bought more then a decade ago for 15000 €. (Today I think the price will be lower)
Green is POP, blue is FastScan
I am trying to connect the scanner now to my Samsung Galaxy S8, must look for more info to get it to work on my phone too

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Hi, Podo Tools:

Impressive results, but you should search for Samsung here on the forum as most have had problems, especially with a USB connection. Apparently, most of the Samsung phones cannot provide enough current to operate the POP, so you are likely to be more successful using the Hotspot. To that end, be sure to turn WiFi OFF (also Data Saver, if applicable) before setting up the Hotspot.


Hi Jeff,

I have no idea how to set up the hotspot for connecting my galaxyS8 to the RevoPoint scanner, and I cannot find accurate instructions.
Any tips were I can find step by step instructions for this?
Thanks in advance

I have an HTC phone, so I can’t tell you where to find everything.

From my experience and what I have read (Android only):

  1. Turn WiFi OFF.
  2. Turn Data Saver OFF (normally, you have to have turned this on in the past so that you can minimize your data charges).
  3. Turn Hotspot ON.
  4. Set Hotspot name to POP (note that, if you have the Windows app for a Windows 8 or 10 computer, you can set the Hotspot name and password as desired, but these are the defaults).
  5. Set Hotspot password to 12345678.
  6. In the HandyScan app, go into Settings and choose WiFi.
  7. Exit Settings and go into Scan mode.
  8. You should see a prompt to connect with a device (the POP should be the only device requesting access). If the popup only lists “”, then it hasn’t found your POP device (this is a bug that I found by accident when composing this post without the POP powered up).

You should now be ready to experiment.


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Thanks Jeff.
I did all that already but it did not work.
I will give it another try soon, maybe I did something wrong.
But thanks again.

Hi @PodoTools

Thank you so much for sharing your scan results here.

For Samsung phones, we noticed some users had problems in using the software. So we develop a special version for Samsung users to use, you can check and download it in this post: [Special Android Version] New Android Handy Scan (V1.6.5.20210525) for some users - #3 by giorgio

Besides, when you choose Wi-Fi mode, please noted that you need to connect the POP to a power bank so that it will have enough power supply. (Not connect it to your phone directly)

Please check if it works, if no, we will help you, please don’t worry.

Best Regards

Hi again,

Thanks a lot for the share, it’s like awesome, this shows that the price is not everything

I finally got it to work on my Samsung.
The hotspot setting that I missed was to allow all devices to connect, not only specified devices (the default setting on my phone).

I will post the results when I have done more tests.
Thanks for the help.


Could you specify that only the POP can connect? I know of at least one person here who should like that (he’s really insecure about security).


No, allowing only a specified device means you have to have to enter the password in that device as far as I understand it.
You cannot enter a password in the POP.

That does not sound right. If the Hotspot is created with a password, then any device that connects to the Hotspot must provide the password.

To limit connection to only allowed devices, the Hotspot much have a list of the accepted device IDs (in this case, the alphanumeric text string we see each time we have to approve the connection attempt).


This setting has to be off.
But to connect, the device must deliver password and hotspot name is’t it?
The password 12345678 is unhackable, to complicated🤪


I don’t really understand your screenshot, but for the password and name you can change them with windows 10 application in USB , you can put up to 64 chars for more security.

Have a nice day

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Thanks for the info.
The screenshot shows the hotspot setting tha allows all devices to connect to the phone’s hotspot.

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