Possibility to save as project

Good morning,
I have tryed to change the name of the project outside revo5,

in that way is possible undertand what inside the project…
It possible insert save as into revo5… otherwise I can’t understand how there is inside…
And also insert import from PC in that way into the list of file I can import a project…

You can’t use “save as” as the project have only one extension and specific file type , you need to change the name while your project is open in RS5 and save it after .
You don’t need “Save As”

The length of the name is limited in characters .

If you change project name and scan name inside RS5 , you have a clear info what is inside your project , why make it so difficult , there is just easier way .

The files will show on the list if you open it also n RS5 and save it after you edit/process

The list is for the last projects you opened, it is not a browser list for your projects.

I have so many project files , if I have them all in that list it would consume all of my RAM memory :joy: