Ridiculous waste of screen real estate

Using the RevoScan software (updated to RevoScan5- a few minutes ago) I am still baffled by the ridiculously small app window on my (right) 4k monitor…

The least I expected was to be able to enlarge the documentation window to full screen height.

Also, the documentation looks like it is a series of images AND THEY ARE : LOCATED IN: ‘C:\Program Files\Revo Scan 5\tutorial\pdf\tutorial_en_US’ though they are NOT pdf’s…

Which makes it impossible to search for anything in the documentation…

To say something positive : It is GREAT that I can select another data drive for the scanned data!!!

How about default to that selected directory when I want to export for example a .ply file to sent to support? Currently the default save path is the program home path: ‘C:\Program Files\Revo Scan 5’.

Please consider implementing Save AS…

I guess that’s all for now =)

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You can export your ply to any location you want , there is not need for Save AS , you have all options available , the project file can’t be SAVE AS as it needs to keep the proper structure so it need to be created before scanning and can’t change location while it it open .
So if you want your project to be somewhere else , think about before hitting the scanning button .

For the rest of the feedback, you are totally right , it should already resize to the right size automatic and I just wondering why still that issue .

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Yes using the file selector window I can select any drive in my system to store my export. That was not my point:
Since there is a setting (in File → Prefences → General → ‘Default File Location’
and I have (currently) set that to “E:/# RevoScan Data”
I think it would be more logical to open the File Selector Dialog pointing at the ‘Default File Location’ in my computer currebtly “E:/# RevoScan Data” rather than allways staritng in the folder ‘C:\Program Files\Revo Scan 5’

Actually ANY document folder would be more logical than the application PROGRAM folder.

About the rename feature:
That would have been correct if there was any way to edit the project name anywhere in the application, preferably when creating the project…

Unfortunately I have not found any way to do that…

ok you mean that the Import file selector dialog do not open your current location and go direct to the main default folder, yes I do agree , it should go to the location your selected under General settings …

The renaming of the scan is here
Screenshot 2023-05-03 115042

The renaming of the Project is on the Homepage

The project name cant be renamed before you actually collect any data first and save it , without any data the project name will be not saved and removed automatic .

After you move to the main window from the Homepage the project is generated automatic with its unique ID number to prevent overwritten preview projects , it is just designed this way the whole structure to prevent empty project being saved to the folders . And since it is only "virtual " before you adding any data , renaming it before is impossible .

Thank you, that was not obvious, I did not turn every pebble to find the correct place =)

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Interestingly the name is only changed in the application! the FILDER NAME stays the same?!?

Well well, for keeping track of my backup’s of scanned data I guess I will have to identify the project folder by means of opening the project folder.

Move one level up to access the project folder

Create a new folder on my BackUp drive named with the name I gave the project in RevoScan 5.

and finally copy the project folder to my named folder. This way I know which ScanData is What…

Nah, you don’t have to do that, just exit the program and rename the Project Folder AND the ‘.revo’
project file after saving the project and closing the application.

Start at new project then go to File → Load → Open a project and the change is done.

I guess the only thing they forgot was to actually rename the project folder and file when renaming the project within RevoScan 5 :slight_smile:

In short renaming everything is only good as long you see it open in the RS5 .
So don’t rename the individual scans inside your project as it will corrupts the project and you can’t switch between fuse and mesh if you want to edit it later again . The inside structure of the project should be not altered .

beside of the actual project name only as you did already .

Totally agree on that one =)

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