What is actually "renamed"?

When I “rename” a project in the current software (5.3.1), I don’t find the new name anywhere other than in the project list on the home screen. Both the project directory and the project file (the one with the .revo extension) keep their cryptic “Project” name. Oh, I just see that it seems to contain the date and maybe the time of the creation, which helps a lot. Not.
Where is the “new name” actually put? When I move around projects, I need a usable name for the directory. Which I actually thought would be the case when I “rename” a project. No?

That’s the problem , it don’t rename the actual project in the project folder , only the tag that can be read by the Project history list or the software itself , the information are stored inside the project itself and encrypted.

You will need to rename your projects manually in your project folder before importing it to Revo Scan for now .

Hopefully it change soon as it is almost not possible to find anything in the project folder after a while …


Thank you :blush:
That’s at least consistent, so I don’t need to look somewhere in the menus - at the moment, at least - for something I overlooked.

So, if I rename the folder and the .revo file, do I have to reimport the project? Is it important that the folder and the .revo file have the same name?

I would suggest you use the same name for the main project folder and revo file After you open it and save it , the actual name will show up in the project list on home tab .

You welcome :grin:

I’m just going through all my scans and renaming them after copying them to a different drive location.

It does answer a good question that I’ve been asking myself for months after accidentally deleting some scan data that I’d renamed to something else so I wouldn’t delete it.

My hard drive was out of space so I searched for “Project*” then deleted all the files that showed up thinking my renamed ones would be safe … ooops!!

2 lessons learned , buy an additional hard drive before the day you need it, and always check the files before you delete them.

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Definitely, I bought 2TB portable fast hard drive for scanning data , not long time ago , it is already half full…

We definitely need the browser feature in Revo Scan ASAP … as it is very time consuming to find specific project if you have so many of them , renamed or not renamed .

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