POP3 wifi not found on iPhone 14 Pro

Almost the same as this thread.

I have the same problem with my iPhone 14 Pro and POP 3.

1.PC(Windows 10)
2.iPad Mini 5th(iPadOS)
3.iPhone 14 Pro(iOS 16.6)

For 1 and 2, it’s OK. However, for 3, the POP is not found on the Wi-Fi list even after resetting network settings and restarting the iPhone.
I could not connect even when manually entering the SSID.

Hello @monja ,
Please contact customer@revopoint3d.com, our customer service will assist you in resolving this issue. Thank you!

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I saw a similar problem. I have a Range scanner

  1. PC (Windows 10) WiFi dongle - does not display SSID Range
  2. Laptop (Windows 10) - SSID Range is visible in the list of networks

Hi @Nick_Ukrainian it may have to do with the dongle , Range needs 5ghz WiFi dual band connection and it will not works on 2ghz , please check the dongle specifications .

If that is not the case and your dongle supports dual band 5ghz WiFI , please write to customer@revopoint3d.com for tech assistance .

It is the same for all other devices , laptops, tablets, phones … the dual band 5ghz is required for WiFi connection

That’s pretty much what I thought. My dongle is old and does not support WiFi 5 GHz. I did not see this information in the user manual. (although I may have read it quickly and didn’t consider it important)
Thank you, Catharina

Hi @monja to my knowledge the problem is most likely in iOS 16 firmware, after updates the main problems started with WIFI and devices such as iPhone 13, se, 14.

There are tones of iPhone 14 Pro users with iOS 16.6 firmware that can’t connect devices or routers with 5Ghz Network , POP3 Network is 5Ghz .

Maybe a solution … please check if your phone region are set to the country you are in . If your Phone WiFi run on channel 149 and up, you will have issues to connect to 5Ghz network , channels 35-48 works fine .

I recommend you contact Apple customer service with this issue as I am afraid that is not your POP3 network issue here .

I don’t think the manual showing that, the Specifications of Range do , Range works with WiFi 5 and 6 only .
2ghz WiFi would be too slow to run even 10FPS , usually no more than 8FPS at max , for that reason POP2 and the rest of the new scanners already switched to WiFi 5 and 6 .

And you more than welcome Nick !