Can't find MINI Wi-Fi SSID to connect to iPhone 12 Pro/ Laptop

I’m trying to connect my MINI via Wi-Fi so that it feeds the scan to my Laptop or iPhone 12 Pro.

The problem is I can’t seem to find the Wi-Fi that my MINI is suppose to transmit for my laptop/phone to connect to. Can someone guide me here? Because this is really confusing especially with the lack of information in the manuals…

Check the tutorial section at : Tutorials - Revopoint 3D
To have WiFi network show up , you need to power your MINI with battery or AC 5V 2Am .
Then once the light on the back get green , look for WiFi network under your WIFI settings on your device .

If you still not see the WiFi network I would move your thread to customer service for hardware assistance @Revopoint-Agnes @Revo

You can also reach them directly under including the link to this thread and your forum handle (@mohd )

1, Check your iPad/iPhone’s Settings - Privacy - Local Network - Revo Scan - Toggle on and let Revo Scan access your device;

2, Power on the scanner with an outlet power supply, such as a power socket or power bank;

3, Find the scanner’s SN in your iPad/iPhone’s WIFI list, the password is Revopoint3d

If you still cannot connect, please let us know, we can do an online meeting with you to solve it.