POP3 scanner not connecting

Recent purchase POP3 scanner April 2024

. Downloaded software. Scanner is showing a Green Light but Revo 5 software is not showing scanner connected. Restarted laptop and re-connected cables to scanner and USB. Please provide assistance? Or other ways to connect?

Hi @pierre

I see you use the mobile cable to connect POP3 to your laptop ( the USB A you connected is for power only, there will be no data streamed via the USB A ) , did you tried to use single USBC to USB A cable ?
Or try WiFi connection , POP3 require 5Ghz WiFi connection .
Just check your WiFi network , you should see POP3 in the list .
Or just use single USBC to USB A cable if your laptop don’t support USB C

As you can tell I’m a newbie.
My laptop has both USB A and C.
Should I connect both or USB-A and C?
Or just USB-A and connect wifi?

If you can connect both , it would be the best solution .
USB C is fot data and USB A for power .

If you connect via WiFi then only USB A

Hi @pierre

Can you try to connect directly like this?