Handheld stabilizer work with mini 2

does the handheld stabilizer work with the mini 2 as well as the mini?

Anyone know this? I want to add one to my order if it is compatible.

Looks compatible, yes

Oh great, thx. I only saw the mini listed and not the mini 2. Thanks again.

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The new one works but you can also convert the old model with some soldering, there’s a post on this forum about that

can you send me the link where you are seeing this? When I look at this on their webpage it just says mini and not mini 2. I believe you, I just cant find where it shows this.

Go to the bottom of the page, the “Full Specifications” part.

Yes I confirm that the newest Stabilizer works with MINI 2 … the old version was only for older models .

Of you have the older model.you need some adapters I got this one

But the new Stabilizer uses USB C ports so nothing need to be done .

hmmm the one I see on the site is $119 and at the bottom just shows the mini not mini 2. Seems like we are on different sites.

can you share your link?

The old one have USB mini B connector and the new one have USB C connector , easy to see the difference USB C supports all the new scanners including Mini 2 the old one is not more on sale by Revopoint .