POP 2 not connecting

I have had this issue for over a year now and kind of just set it aside as i was having other life issues, but i am back and was trying to get back into the swing of scanning things again but i am still stuck at the same spot i was over a year ago…

When i plug my pop 2 in device manager recognizes it as trusted hardware but even in the newer revoscan 5 it doesnt find it … also it just sits at a blue led and seems as if it should be green ??? any help would be apopreciated to get this brick working

Hi @krazy931

If your POP2 is on blue light , you can’t connect it to any software .
Please contact customer@revopoint3d.com and don’t wait until your warranty ends , since this is hardware issue and probably after firmware update .

Very serious issue so please contact the technician at Revopoint ASAP

Emailed them about it and still no response prior and again today

Hi @krazy931

Please let me know the SN code of your POP 2 like below. As well as your email (if you mind, you can contact me via Message) and I’ll ask customer service to solve your problem as soon as possible.

sent them the log file awaiting a reply