Pop2 stopped working

I have made many sucessful scans with the Pop2. It no longer works This is not a user problem.

The Pop2 will not stay connected to Revoscan version

My Pop1 works fine.

“Get frame data error, error code7. Please wait for the camera to restart”.

It does the same if I connect with WiFi.

I have a video for customer service if you want it, but it just shows exactly what I wrote.

I had exactly the same problem. It was caused by the USB port on my laptop (which I had used a dozen hours at a time on multiple occasions) becoming marginal.

I switched power supplies (one of Revopoint’s battery packs) and switched to WiFi mode; all was well.

If you prefer USB mode, then I would suggest getting a USB Hub with an external power supply. A quick review of available units on eBay shows that most ads do not include the AC adapter’s power rating, so you may want to get a separate adapter that can plug in to the USB Hub and is rated for 10 watts (minimum, more if you plan on using multiple devices on the hub at the same time).

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USB hub is s good , don’t use USB phone charger or any charger for that matter , not recommended.

Thank you for the reply. I don’t understand how the USB port can become marginal though (sorry I’m an electrical engineer and have to understand why before I make changes).

I did try the wifi alternative using the Revopoint supplied battery pack but got the same behaviour.

I will try a hub, but I suspect something else is going on.

If you used the power bank and the same error then it is not the USB but problem with firmware and the last software version .

You may try to update the firmware via Revo Scan if can’t then contact customer support directly as I am afraid you will not find the solution in the forum .

I am also an electronic engineer and have long since realized that devices can fail after working perfectly for hours, days, months or even years. The lifetime of the silicon gates in semiconductor devices is dependent on temperature. That’s why you don’t want to buy used GPU cards that have been used for mining cryptocurrency.


You don’t have to be electronics engineer to know that Jeff . Everyone that build at least own computers know that . There is expiration for everything on purpose including USB flash drive as it can be used only limited time .

A regular USB A port have around 1.500 cycles before it wear down , USB-C has 10.000 cycles .

You are mixing things together. By “usb flash drivers” do you mean flash drives? I ask not to criticize spelling, but because the ICs that provide current for communications are often called “drivers”. If you mean flash drives, that isn’t relevant to this problem.

Secondly, the cycle limit on USB ports that I suspect you are quoting is for mechanical insertions. My computer is less than one year old and has nowhere near that many cycles.

My Pop2 has less than 10 hours of use and my computer is less than one year old.

It was not reply to you , and I mean flash drive , sorry typo .

Sorry, since this part of the forum is titled Support I assumed it was monitored by Revopoint. I have seen Cassie and others reply in the past.

I will stop posting here anyway because it seems like every time I do, you agressively chime in.

Your computer has nothing to do with your issue here .
And your USB is fine .
If you have the same issue using power bank and WiFi then it is the device and software issue that do not speak well to each other .

Your POP1 working just fine you said so definitely something going on with the device .