RevoScan Android fail to share to PC

Hello RevoPoint,

I’m having an issue with my RevoScan app in Android. I can’t share directly to the PC, either with the code or with the QR. I’m connected to the same network, I have tried several times and I always have the same error message.

Works fine sharing to GoogleDrive or OneDrive.

Hmm, this seems like a network issue. I would try and restart router and if possible relocate to same room as router at least temporarily as a test - to see if its a packet loss issue.

no, sorry, tried all above and it doesn’t make any difference. Seems to me like it’s a software issue.

Are you batch sending or single project? Perhaps try to send a very small scan? Not sure as I’ve not experienced this issue.

I just imported 28 projects yesterday , no software issue at all .

Check your Network making sure both Android and PC running on the same Network and are at the proper distance from the main router.

As @jheins3 said already the connection speed may be the issue .

If you use your scanner via WiFi on your phone /tablet , you need to reboot the app after disconnecting your Scanner from WiFi . Sometimes it glitching and don’t switching back to regular WiFi

Make sure your Project directory location on PC have enough space to load your projects .

Since you said you have no issue to export to your Google drive , it is definitely something going on with PC , make sure you run the latest Android 5.0.4 and PC Revo Scan 5.0.6

Try to send a simple small project to see if it is related to the size of the project then we know more to help you out .

I have tried again, this time using a different phone and a different network.

It doesn’t make any difference. The only common factor is my laptop and the latest version of RevoScan V5.06.256. and latest version of app.

I also wanted to try an older version of RevoScan, but unfortunately the only old installer I’ve got (V5.0.2) is blocked after 30/04/23 so I can’t use it anymore.

My network speed is 200Mbps download and 100Mbps upload, so it shouldn’t be a network speed issue.

I am pretty sure it’s a software issue, maybe some incompatibility with my laptop or something similar, but unfortunately I don’t have another laptop to test it at the moment.

If that was software issue , nobody else could import anything either.
I have a lot of computers /laptops and works fine on each machine .

If you have the latest app and software it should works fine , however I know one user that had issues as you , it was his router . ( Not saying it is the same issue , as it is impossible to know to be sure )

I will tag in our Support team @Revopoint3D-Gena , maybe they have some technical tips for you regarding the issue .

I don’t doubt it works for other people, but it can be a software issue that only fails under certain circumstances.

I don’t think it’s my router, as I have also tried using a completely different network. The only “suspect” to rule out is the laptop.

Thanks for tagging the support team.

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Something on the laptop is blocking the connection , it could be as simple as firewall. I would suggest to uninstall RS5 on your laptop , and install it again , then when the firewall pop up window shows up when starting the software , click accept on the private network. And try again importing from your phone .

Also change the location of your projects folder to my documents , it may be possible the system blocking access to the current folder while importing from the phone .