Caint transfer my scans made with mobil Revopoint to pc

Cant transfer my scans made with mobile Revopoint to pc anymore ?
Use to work just fine…

You have to export project to PC , scans created on mobile are very low quality and accuracy . You need to process the full project on computer to get the full results at max quality. This is the better way .

Just scan on mobile and process on computer.

Thank you for your reply, but my problem is, after I scanned my parts, I need to transfer the scan that is in my iPhone to my PC. this is where I have the problem.
It does not communicate between my PC, and My iPhone!

You use iPhone so I can’t help you here with , normally I go to the project list and export it from there to PC , making sure both the PC and the Phone is connected to the same WiFi at that time .

Also make sure your latest mobile RS version is installed and the latest PC version .

I believe the Apple store mobile RS5 is not the latest so maybe that why you have issue , you can manually install the latest version from the revopoint download section .

If you still have issues please send email to for technical assistance.

As that is all I can help you here with .
I am sure they will have solution for you .

If only Revopoint would allow the project files to be accessed in the Files app…

Anyway, this actually doesn’t work for me either so I share the entire project and save it to iCloud for access elsewhere. You could use Dropbox or Box or any other method of your choice at that point. From the project list, click the menu of the project you want to export and click “Share” from the pop-up menu. Then select “More” before clicking “Start Sharing.”

Unfortunately you are limited to exporting entire projects at once this way so it becomes very sad when you accidentally create new scans in yesterday’s 5GB project file.

@PUTV The project sharing button used to be available from the … pop-up menu of individual scans but it was removed and put at the project level, which makes some sense as you’re sharing the entire project. Also, Revoscan download page just links to App store, but sideloading an app isn’t accessible to us iPhone folks anyway unless jailbroken.

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Hi @geonsx

The reason the transfer fails is because your model is in a raw point cloud state and there is no format that can support export. You need to post-process this model, and after mesh it, you have the option of exporting it to PLY or OBJ format.

Hi @TheBoatScans

The location you have marked will only export the entire project. You can tap inside individual models to share them.

Hi again !
This is happening since the last upgrade… I have version V5.3.3
It use to work perfectly before !

Well this is news to me !
I have used for over a year now, and I was always able to send the raw file to my main computer to be treated.

I have a small video of what is going on here !

Hi @geonsx

There was never an option to export raw scan file not in mobile app or computer software .
Raw files are virtual preview files , only exporting full project allows you to see raw scan on computer .

OBJ or STL is not a raw scan file

If you don’t process the project on your mobile you can’t export anything as single files .

I recommend you export full project and process it on computer .
Exportable files are only pointclouds and meshes, raw files ( full project )

It was always like that since the begining so you definitely mistaken , maybe you confused raw files with pointcloud , but you still need to fuse the raw files to be able to have pointcloud.

Exactly , you trying to export things that can’t be exported , please process first your scan , or export the whole project and process on your computer .

You can’t export raw files … there is nothing else to do unless you process it , or export the whole project .

@TheBoatScans showed you already how to do it , please follow his post

I understand, but one of the two examples was processed before my attempt . But did you see what opens ? instead of the page where you enter the code for transfer directly in RevoScan on my PC. something from my Iphone opens up…

Lets say I do it after processing it in my Revoscan mobile app.
It still does not share to the PC.

No you did not processed anything , the file stated as RAW .

There are not files to export , finish processing first .

The one that was processed , you use SHARE function not export function .

You can’t share single model to PC , only full project can be shared with Revo Scan on PC

I believe you confusing the options here

Please follow the proper way to export your projects to Revo Scan 5 to PC .

Single models can only be shared ( not send direct to Revo Scan 5 on your computer)
Meaning , you can share it via Whatsapp, Google driver, email , Dropbox etc
That is completely different option .

The red circled button will give you a popup menu with Share in it. That is the only place you can export the raw data to be processed on your PC. It will export every scan in that project (raw data and processed if it exists). It looks like the scans in your video are all from a version prior to projects being able to contain multiple scans, so they all look like individual scans, but they are just projects with only one scan.

I understand the confusion, but the function you want isn’t where it used to be. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for helping me here !
Ok I understand. It start doing this since the new version of RevoScan V3.3

But I just did a scan a few minutes ago to test a file sharing with my PC.
Still not working.
Could you guide me true all the steps starting from a scan stored in my Iphone ?

Thank you !

But what happened to the easy way of doing things in the las version of Revoscan mobile ?
So this means the import true phone option in the Revo 5 on PC is not working anymore ?

By not working, you mean that you found the Share menu I pointed to earlier and the transfer to Revoscan didn’t work? I’ll be honest here and state that my PC doesn’t connect to the phone over WiFi (although my Mac does) and I haven’t investigated it. I usually save the project to iCloud with the “More” button instead.

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