Pop2 Max scan size

Hi Guys,
I’m looking at buying the POP2 as a handy lightweight scanner for using in VFX industry.
We would be looking at using it to scan objects/people, as well as to scan sets/locations.

Has anyone tried to scan a room with it?
What’s the maximum size the pop2 can handle?
Do you need to do it in lots of patches and stitch them together after?

Any advice would be gratefully received.


While I was testing something else, I did notice that the POP 2 was capturing the ceiling fan in my room, some 8 feet away from the sensor, but only just barely.

In Body mode, the POP 2 can scan from 0.4 meters (although the resolution will be lower than with Feature mode). The main problem with scanning a room or any other large object is that the scanner must be able to integrate new data with the existing point cloud. If it loses tracking, the new data gets smeared all over the place as the software gets confused.

In your case, you would need a lot of identifiable features to maintain tracking (think a teenager’s room instead of his mother’s). Even so, you would have to scan it in sections because a lot of RAM will be eaten up and, even if you have enough RAM to capture thousands of frames, the time it takes to fuse the data into a usable point cloud would be measured in tens of minutes (although it is possible for the computer versions of Revo Scan to capture the data and save the Fuse and Mesh operations for Batch operations later). As some background, a 4" figurine on a turntable could be scanned in 200-300 frames per rotation (multiple rotations with different orientations to capture the entire object); scale that up to a full-size room.

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Hi, you can scan people/objects not for sets / locations, it was created to capture organic object in general as it is best for that and for indoors with controlled ambient light. LED lighting works very well .

I create sets for games but You can’t scan outdoors unless 1 hours after sunset or one before sunrise . The Infrared outdoor light completely makes the sensors go gaga .

Unless you bring your assets inside then yes .

Please remember this is an optical scanner , it needs lots features on the object to keep tracking , walls and flat surface are not scanning friendly since they do not have any features .

for humans …