Max and Min size?

Ok So I get myself a pop scanner and really not getting the quality, My fault in ordering it and not getting the Mini, So the Mini is on the way to me and after lots of reading and videos I know that is the scanner for me and my work.

After a lot of reading I know the min size scan is 10x10x10mm but have not seen too much about the MAX size or is it as big as you want and subject to your computer doing all the work?

The way scanners work.
You can go a big as you like, BUT it will be in multiple scans.

Just what I thought and thank you for the reply, Cant wait to get my Mini now and start the massive learning curve of scanning and know it will take time to learn :slight_smile:

MINI was made for scanning very small objects since the FOV is very small , the reason it is called MINI , scanning big objects will cost you a lot of work , since you have to be very close up to get the fine details , scanning objects with a lot of features or use a lot of markers .
I think POP2 is most ideal for small and big objects … I would use MINI only for very small objects and not bigger than 13 cm at max .
Can you scan big? well with a 13 inches/30cm object you will have already lots of data to deal with and long processing time … so huge objects will be a monsters to be processed .

what exactly you want to scan with ?


I got a Pop2 Scanner and tried to scan some test objects.
What I have noticed is a problem with bigger objects.
If I want to scan a bigger object I have to move the scanner away from the object.
But if I move it away then it tells me that it has moved to much away.
Please see this Screenshot:
(only one upload alowed - I will post it later)

When I move it towards the object it tells me that the scanning will be fine, but I have only some centimeters to scan:

So what can I do? Is merging the only way I can go?

What is the maximum area of a standard scan (not human body/head) it can scan without merging?

What is the maximum area of the larger Revopoint Range 3D Scanner?


Here is the screenshot with the bigger object (ca. 25 cm).

I am confused by your question. You can move the scanner and get the whole hammer in one scan? But no, you can’t capture unlimited sized objects as your scanner has a fixed field of view (FOV) and fixed focus length. This limits the size it can scan per frame - BUT with multiple frames, you can scan as big as you want. And even bigger with merging scans and taking the time to do so. Though realistically - there is a limit to size as the bigger you go, the less practical things get.

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Hi @powpe this is a portable scanner and not per frame scanner , you need to move the scanner around the object or move the object to scan it at the distance between 15 to 25 cm for best results , or use Body mode for large scans above 2 meters , remember how more precise the accuracy is, how more features your object need to have to keep proper tracking .
You don’t have to be always in excellent position , however it is ok to be too far than be too closer .


OK, thanks. I have watched a merging tutorial.

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