Getting Started

I am trying to get my POP 2 working…for the 3rd or 4th time now. I originally bought it as part of the original Kickstarted campaign. I started out with the bust and eventually got a decent scan of it. Despite listening to every tutorial video and reading all I could I can not get a decent scan out of this. It sat on a shelf for the longest time and today I decided to try it again. I got all the new software and recalibrated it using Revo Calibration. Here are a few of my issues:

  • software constantly drops the connection
  • when I go to scan it is hit and miss on whether I get a good picture/scan even though the preview window looks ok
  • preview window is constantly freezing
  • when I get a decent scan it will constantly lose track and I’m not able to get any useful data.

I’m running a high-end Dell laptop that will run Solidworks so I don’t think it’s processing power. I have tried doing the scanner spray to make sure I get a good surface. I’m just about ready to throw this thing away.

Any screen shot if what you are trying to scan with a preview of the software ?

What you just told me it is lack of tracking points/ features on your object , 3D structure light scanners relay on object features for tracking .

I’ll run some tests and do screen shots tomorrow.

How does it do a body scan without markers? Just able to recognize common features between frames/movements?

yes , it sees the body features as a markers for tracking , it is the same as face recognition software , all 3D structured light scanners do that , that why if there is nit feature you need a marker mode with markers to replace it .

Full body is absolutely possible without any markers as I do it many times already , the minor issues was with back head especially with bald heads at shorter distance as there is nothing the scan can keep tracking … so the distance need to be keep accurate to be able to do that .

The projector is casting Infrared pattern on the surface , and any changes of the pattern are recognized as features for tracking , when you use markers , the markers are recognized as feature for tracking , and that only works in marker mode .