How to improve this product dramatically via software changes only

Already emailed Agnes about it, but perhaps you guys can push them a bit too.
They need to update the calibration and scanning software (easy task) so that the Scanning app can accept world coordinates from an aruco marker (like a qr code) detected by an external webcam and taped on top of the POP2. This will solve all “tracking lost” issues and give the full resolution the hardware is capable of (currently, due to very poor alignment the resolution is often inferior to the hardware resolution, furthermore both feature mode and tracker mode fail). Even better to have 2 such markers on both sides of the camera.

To give more detail, the issue here is low FPS and low resolution (640x480) which make hand held tracking (or even static camera, hand-turned object) an impossible task both in feature and tracker mode. The only way this works reliably is the best case scenario with stationary camera and a small miniature on a spinning disk.

If they make the change I am requesting you will be able to put your ordinary webcam (even a 4K if you want high precision) in a stable position near the scanning area, print out a QR code to paste on the POP2, and all your tracking issues will instantly vanish, you will see higher resolution from scans, it will not lose orientation, or mess up frames anymore.

Assuming they won’t do this (because when has a company ever listened) my feeling is that to achieve the results most people hoped when purchasing the device you will need a device with at least 1280x800 IR camera resolution, and 20FPS and 50% larger FOV. That is a bare minimum.

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Interesting idea.

I’ve seen some 3D printed turntable boards that have lots of different features on it, that kind of works in the same way to help the tracking out.

I wonder if the reason they don’t do it is cuz maybe there is patents blocking their path?

I’m definitely not a software buff.