POP1 Hardware Failure - Support Stopped Responding

I rarely use my POP1, (eagaerly awaiting my POP2) but recently, my POP1 stopped working.
I have done the troubleshooting that Revopoint support requested. Tried various versions of the software, on Mac and WIndows, even tried wireless to my iPhone (which has never worked for me). Back and forth for a few days with support. Then about a week ago, they stopped responding.
Can anyone recommend a way to get their attention to resolve my issue?
Thanks and stay safe,

As I understand it, everyone is very busy getting the POP 2 scanners from the Kickstarter campaign shipped.

Hi Mike, we are so sorry for the delayed response recently.
After checking, one of our team members replied to your email and arranged the resend.
Hope you receive the new POP scanner soon!
Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Have a nice day!

Email: customer@revopoint3d.com
Toll Free(Call/Text): +1 (888) 807-3339
China Tel: +86 18124196779