Issues with the return

Customer support stopped responding… :frowning:

Before I bought RANGE 2 scanner and I was informed that invoice will include VAT. Turned out that was not true… so I want to return the scanner. I’ve done everything required in return policy, but the customer support is not responding anymore… it is 8 days since my first email (last one 3 days ago). Not nice!

Revopoint is currently out of the office for the holiday period from February 7th to February 18th. The customer services will start addressing all the emails upon our return on February 19th. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Część Maciej !

Revopoint support just returned back to office tonight from national holidays , they will reply to your inquiry ASAP .

Thank you for your patience

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Thanks guys! I was not aware of the holidays… It was strange since so far support was very responsive. I’ll wait patiently.

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I left a note last night , don’t worry Maciej .

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Hi @mkucharz

Can you tell me your e-mail? I’ll have the customer service team contact you. Thank you very much for your patience.