Pop scanner Overheating?

There seems to be a problem with the unit; possibly overheating. When first plugged in it will start and complete a scan. After about 5 minutes if we try a second scan the item is not detected. Even if it is the same item used for the first scan. If we unplug it the unit and leave it for a few minutes then try again. The part is detected again. Restarting the software is not enough. The scanner has to be unplugged for a period of time in order for it to start working again.

All you need to check if there is a red glow in the middle of the scanner when it stops working , if not visible then it is overheating issue . The IR shutting down to protect the IR projector .

If the red glow is visible after it stops scanning it is not related to overheating.

Also you should have Depth Camera preview not working if it is overheating issue .

At the start, the depth preview shows the part with a red overlay of the detected area. Afterwards the depth preview just shows a black and white image, without the red highlight. I tried to get screen grabs to demonstrate, but it would not show the problem. This could be because my desk is sat in the draught from the air conditioning that has been turned on this afternoon.

Sometimes the USB shut down as well , so next time just check if the Infrared projector is glowing inside the scanner, not the preview window , so you know if that is USB or other issue …