Pop mini for reverse engineering

Hello guys
is there attached software for quality inspection and reverse engineering for pop mini???

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Not as I understand your question. The Revo Scan software (which is used for the POP, POP 2 & Mini scanners) does not have the ability to measure distances, angles or roughness. Neither does the Revo Studio editing software.

The exported files have units of millimeters, so you can import them into most any CAD software package and make your measurements there.

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GOM Inspect is a free mesh processing and inspection softwere.


Took a bit of research to find the free version. You can download it here: https://download.cnet.com/Free-GOM-Inspect/3000-18496_4-75799839.html

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Are you new to reverse engineering? What is your end goal? I have been dioing reverse engineering for over 12 years.

Let add GOM inspect to this list. I am amazed at how much free software there is for 3d.

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Hello bro, i am old in the field, been using creaform products since 2012 and i am aware of polyworks and Geomagic X
My company is Reseller for major brands and was looking at Revopop products to be onshelf for DIY reverse and inspection similar to Revostudio for mesh
i would strongly recommend the Revoteam to consider basic software for the mini, will popup the sales dramaticly

yes i am aware but didnt find Macos version thats why i am frustrated

do agree with u bro, just i mean fort armature DIY customer where the metallurgical grade scanners are not required and still out of reach and skills for software do take some time
a low precision low accuracy solution will be more than enough for 80% of DIY market
i am using now the scantech Simscan blue laser (22 cross nd 7 parallels and single for deep hole) simply its amazing

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I understand, now. I use the Pop2 for scanning parts to then 3d printing jigs. Looks like the Mini will allow me to use my structured light scanner less. I love the accuracy, I dislike the scan aligning and slow scan speed.

That is a great scanner. I’m jealous.

i am official distributor in Egypt for Scantech and i own Handyscan 701 and the Simscan left the Handyscan trailblazing in the dust even thought its a great scanner for outdoor and volumetric accuracy
the challenge capturing the glass bowl cover and all its details

Handyscan performance for small details

and the blue laser Simscan

thats why i am excited to use the Revopop Mini cause i know what blue wavelenght can capture and with a basic fast 101 inspection or measuring same as scan and studio concept , will be a huge success

happy scanning bro


trying to measure dimensions… understand the native software does not have this capability… can import to Solidworks?

Yes. The units exported by Revo Scan are millimeters.

The closer you are, the more accurate the results, but being too close can cause problems with tracking.

The scan have the proper original dimensions stored in the exported files, but there is nothing in the software that can measure the accuracy for you, you can use free Cloud Compare or other programs to measure exactly the scanned object .
In most cases it is pretty accurate from 0.05mm to 0.02mm

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Perhaps either of you would be kind enough to give some pointers.
I want to produce some model railway items in scales for which the model is not going to be considered by the commercial sources. Things are not quite so bad when reducing in size but the point clouds I obtain produce gross lumpy surfaces (aesub or otherwise), nowhere near the supposed resolution. What I would like is a program where I can “paint an area or areas” of the mesh and select from options to average it to a flat plane, section of cylinder, section of a cone etc. It would be great if it could be exported in some 3d cad format for further tinkering but a “geometrically corrected” stl would be helpful.

To clean the fuzzy point cloud , use Cloud Compare , the point cloud fusing algorithms are screwed up latelly producing very bad point clouds after fusing and I don’t like it either to be honest .

It happened once in the early versions of Revo Scan , then it was fixed, and now again …

I have tutorial that will help you cleaning it up very quick

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