Dimensionally Accurate Scan

Im new to the world of scanning but I am hoping to use my new Mini to reverse engineer some car parts. I did my first scan on my vehicle but I am running into a problem where the scan is not to the correct scale. Is this normal? Is there a way to scan objects to scale without having to do a bunch of post scaling?

This is not normal. The solution could be to more precisely position the Mini when scanning. PUTV has stated on multiple occasions that the most accurate distance is 10 cm (1/16" less than 4").

how far off are then scans?
I have seen people import the models into some other software and the scale be inch vs mm. Which will cause it to be incorrect.

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This is not what I expected from your description.

The data points provided by Revo Scan are normalized to mm. If your CAD software defaults to inches, then you just have to change the measurement system WITHOUT SCALING/CONVERTING the data.

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That’s correct … it is not a MINI issue , the software rescaled the scale automatic by import .

That’s correct too , I need to change to mm other way not matching the scales assuming 10mm is 10 inch

Correct , the best accuracy starts at 10cm from the scanner to center of the object