[Discussion] What post-processing software & design software do you use?

I have only recently began my 3D scanning adventure but these are some of pieces of software I have experimented with.


Even before I received my POP 2 I was quite a avid fusion 360 user. Fusion does have a mesh workspace.

And because I have use fusion 360 before I also Have used autodesk meshmixer.


Since being on this forum I have been learned about

Cloud compare which work well for stitching together larger scan

Blender which I’ve Downloaded but not used much.

for Remeshing and lo polygon experiments I been using instant mesh

I have try colouring objects in window 3D paint

windows also has a program call 3D builder

Here is also a list of software I could try and/or want to try.











Autodesk 3dS Max

Autodesk Maya

This one I seem like a less expensive offering from autodesk Mudbox

Unreal Engine

There is a lot of software that deals with 3D objects.

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  • RevoStudio for point-cloud merging and meshing (Mac)
  • MeshMixer for basic smoothing and clean-up tasks (Mac)
  • Blender for sculpting, retopology, or major tweaks (Windows)
  • Fusion 360 for CAD or combining meshes with CAD solids (Mac + Windows)
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Zbrush is my primary software for modeling and design, since I am organic 3D modeler and designer , using it for 24 years, and basically don’t need anything else for my professional modeling job .

for final POP2 scans processing I use

  • Pixologic Zbrush - remeshing, editing, UVs, Textures
  • Adobe software : Substance Painter , Photoshop - Texturing, Materials
  • Cloud Compare - merging, alignment, cleaning
  • Revo Studio - merging , alignment , cleaning ( simple scans )

Simple is beautiful !

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