POP meets Neo - Workflow & Scan Spray test

I went though a few tests, comparing the modes and different results. So don’t see these results as just good or bad, it’s just a test, I probably could have spent more time on it to improve results

First, here is the model I used, a 17cm bust of Neo (from Matrix), without the sun glasses


I took all these indoor, with the same set-up, same time of the day, using the turntable (I also put a manual turntable on top of it in case I needed to adapt speed)

Feature Mode
There I had some issues capturing the whole head, it kept losing track, especially when it was behind the head as most was black

Face Mode
That was better, after some adjustments I could capture the whole head, not bad for an object of this size, but of course you can’t expect miracles

Dark Mode
With that mode I could capture more of the bust, especially the dark parts, but it comes with a price, as you can see the resolution isn’t as good

Scanning Spray - Face Mode
So I went on, face mode seemed to give the best results, so I gave the bust a shot of AESUB scanning spray (slight as you can see, that damn thing is expensive),
and I could seamlessly scan the whole bust, the result is not bad, giving the size of it, so yes, the scanner is quite capable, given the price range

General Considerations

  • The overall experience of the software and its workflow is still at an early stage, it works (MvP), but users need practice to get used to it and understand it, and the reactivity could be improved I think
  • The turntable is OK but has a limitation, it is single speed and single direction, good on a capable PC but too fast on a slow machine, so not really flexible (planning to hack it but that’s a different topic)
  • Changing the settings during the scan isn’t that clear, not sure what the different modes are really ‘made of’ in terms of settings (only gain and brightness or something else ?)
  • So it should be possible to have profiles/presets that can be selected during a pause and maybe clearer settings (pause that should show the effect of the preset live just like before we push play)
  • So this part of the software really should be worked over to make is simpler, clearer, more seamless and verbose (lot of ideas on that but this is something that should be discussed with the Revopoint Team, after priority 1, which are some bug fixes)

Hi, @Nebulus, thank you so much for sharing your showcases and guide. It had been pinned globally.