Share your Scan Results

I am trying really hard to get some nice result I can be happy with.

Until now all scans are hideous and low resolution. Not the 0.3mm I expected when advertised on Kickstarter.

Here is a piece of bread, absolutely basic and why would anyone need a scan at this quality level?

Why is the texture so horrible? Did they put in the cheapest sensor they could find? My phone does a much better job than this.

I tried manual and automatic settings for texture and infrared, nothing seems to improve it. White objects work best it seems but I have no need for scanning all white objects.

I hope others can show me better results than I am getting so I can be inspired to keep working this software. Because at this time I am extremely underwhelmed.

I can draw better than this

Hi Popeye,
Thanks for sharing your scan result here.
We’re sorry to see that your current scans looks not so good. We will try to share more tutorials and try to help users learn more skills about how to make your scans better as soon as possible. Sorry it needs some time to prepare.
For other users’ scan result, I just saw one user shared his result in our Facebook group, here is the link for your reference: Revopoint POP : And another scan
Please don’t worry, we will try our best to offer our help here. I believe yours will be better soon.

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I get some very nice results with the POP scanner. OK, the results are not that detailed as you get with a $ 16.600 scanner (see, but the results are good enough for a lot of tasks. Here are some results of my scanning:


I expected a higher resolution. 20 years ago I played around with a 640x480 webcam and a line laser and used the DAVID laserscanner. It gave the exact same quality scans.

You use rounded source objects but even with the a supplied bust the detail is almost completely gone. You get a semi approximate version of it, no detail in the hair or skin. Bigger objects don’t even fit the frame. The whole things seems too low in spec. Sure with some perfected setting an okay-ish result could happen but I just don’t understand why it’s this low res.

Edit: I must add that I am no scanning expert. Maybe the results look bad to me because of the texturing and the low res there too. Because the blue models look often much better than with textures applied.


This is when rendered with Windows ‘Print 3D’ default app.


Detail is still terrible in my opinion

This is the result of my first test
I think is good (the original is a sculpture 20 cm high - more or less)




This is the sculpture



On the right a perfume bottle painted to be scanned.

On the left, the printed version with no rework. (2 cuts top/bottom for printing)


Here my first facial scan result…


I know, I get the same result. It’s terrible for details, everything gets a smoothing treatment. I figured scanning closer to the face would help but it doesn’t seem to make a real difference.

It’s a good scanner though, I just had different expectations and use cases in mind. My objects I want to scan have lots of right angles and small details which will maybe look ok-ish when textured. But these textures aren’t that great either.

Perhaps your scan results become better if you use this Aesub Blue spray (AESUB - State of the Art Scanningspray: Products). It gives better scanning results especially if you have products that are dark, transparent and/or shiny. There are various video’s on YouTube (e.g. Best of all, it just evaporates, no cleaning required. I just ordered a spray can :slight_smile:

I don’t desire to 3D print much, just 3d scanning art objects to a digital form

This is the second model (face mode + tripod + turntable)
Is an ancient greek sculpture of Heracles
The quality is really interesting
Meshlab for visualization


We mere mortals that have not received it yet really enjoyed this thread, so be so kind to post as many scans as possible :slight_smile: i personally want to use it for orthopedics, a lower arm from the elbow or lower leg from the knee would be fun to see :slight_smile: thx

Great for a sculpture of that size; eager to share my own results :smile: (once I get it) :sob:

It says ‘Too near’, maybe a reason ?

thank you
we look forward to your results

this a 3d model realized merging in HandyStudio four separate scan
HandStudio works well (smoothly) HandyScan must be made more and more fluid

Meshlab for visualization


Hi @Popeye , here is a video for your reference: