Head Scanning 101

Thought this might help others?

Here is my DIY (bar Stool – turned by wife ‘scanning table’) :grinning:

I am totally impressed with the outcome from this test… Not something I need to use but was great fun to play with.

The face features in my view are better defined then the supplied David statue.


  • Head Mode
  • High Res
  • 1 roughly 1 rotation
  • Post Processed in MeshMaker (and reduced in physical and file size!)

Here is the printed output of that head scan…

The filament (white PLA+) makes it hard to take a good photo showing the detail better. The result could certainly be improved if you wanted to take more time in each of the steps. But again the limitation is my printers.

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Good job, turntable of any kind delivers always great results that why I scan everything on my Turntables , from 5mm to 6 feet objects :wink:

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Very nice. I really like the barstool! I need to get some for my workstation at my 3d printer but havent anything that hits me yet…maybe I should 3d print one LOL

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