POP low FPS with Revoscan5

Hi. New to the whole scanner world, so this maybe an obvious fix, but its stressing me out. Bought 3 different laptops with same issue.

Using POP1 on Revoscan5 and its almost unusable. The FPS is usually sat at 2.5 , some times at 3.2. Best ive seen it as is 4.0, but inly briefly.

The refresh rate is so low its just unusable by hand scanning. I have the revopoint dual axis turn table, but even at its lowest speed, the scanner still can not keep up and ends up losing the tracking.

Current laptop im using is brand new ACER Vivobook Ryzen 5 8GB

I have it connected to my laptop via USB 3 cable, and also tried USB C with same result. I cant seem to get wifi to work, the laptop does not see it as an available network.

Original Revoscan works OKish, just doesnt seem to scan as good as 5 does when i do actually spend ages and scan somthing in.

Is it just my laptop is not good enough, or is there a setting I can change somewhere to help? The scanner is soon to end up through the window with the first 2 laptops at this rate.

Hi @Bigmac , POP1 don’t use regular WiFI, only via Hot Spot , you need to create Hot Spot on your phone or Computer using POP1 , please refer to the documentations or check the Tutorials section of the forum .

Regarding the slow frame rate , it should be not lower than 8 FPS , I cant help you here , I will move it to Customer Support for Technical issues with your device, they will help you out .

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@Bigmac I’m a POP1 owner and I’ve had my best scans using the mobile 2-in-1 cable with direct USB connection to my phone/PC via the USB C lead and dedicated 2A power supply to the USB A lead.

I wouldn’t even bother with Wifi hotspot mode as I can’t get good enough throughput to the POP1. Focus on making sure you supply enough power to the POP1 separately while supplying a direct USB 3 data connection.

Thanks for the answers.
I just got connected with wifi, instantly 9.4 to 10 fps.
Will use this for now, then look at the split power as also mentioned.

Thank you !

I also use only the split cable , but I think it was not provided with POP , as I had to purchase it separately, the single USB cable never worked for me and will not work with a phone …

Anyway happy you got it working via WiFi hotspot