Help with Depth Camera issues

I have a POP2 connected to a Lenovo laptop and use a Baoshishan 15" turntable because the objects I want to scan are a too large for the turntable included with the scanner. After months of trying to get a good scan of a 3.5" floppy disk drive case, I gave up on that and decided to try another part that is a bit simpler. This part measures 180 mm L x 102 mm W. So far my efforts have been a bit more productive, but I’m still not able to get a very good scan. The issue is that I am getting the message: Depth camera: Underexposed and I don’t know what to do about this. I am attaching a photo of my scan setup as well as the screen displaying the error message, in the hopes that someone can set me on the correct path.

I’ve gone back to the beginning and tried small objects, such as little figurine toys & objects, which seem to be the majority of objects that folks are using the POP scanners for, and I’ve had great results. But when I move on to larger objects, that’s where I am having the difficulties. [My entire reason for getting the Revopoint scanner is to be able to scan parts from vintage computers for 3D printing.]

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

you have Auto-Exposure turned off, so the slider has to be adjusted manually . here it is set to to 1 which is too low for the object/light conditions and the object appears blue.

either turn auto exposure on or adjust the slider manually until a bit of objects appears a bit red.

Thank you, Ivan - that helped greatly!!!

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Hi @drkenb

If the object do not fit in the FOV I recommend to hold the scanner in your hand and use handheld scanning in place of turntable , you can also use single mode shot to capture single frame even on a tripod since you mentioned you prefer this option fir stabilization .

Just shot single shot , move the scanner slightly to next area and capture another frame until you capture everything.

If the frame turns red , you can easy go back and change the proper area without the need to undo frames . Less stressful and more accurate especially for difficult to scan objects .

As Ivan already stated always use Auto mode , then the blue square can be placed on the scanned surface in the window to get the proper exposure , after that you can switch to manual to keep the exposure at the same level until the end of the session .

I hope it helps , square stuff are scanned much easier with single shot mode ( under play button you can change the scanning modes ) you don’t even need turntable just put your object on any surface ( best Lazy Susan for single shot mode

This has nothing to do with the issue but I found the stock turn table to be quite strong. I converted it into a big one simply by putting a 17 mm thick plywood board onto it and it works. At least for now …

Thanks much! I’m going to try using the handheld scanning method next. I just had some minor surgery on my one hand yesterday, so I’m out-of-commission for the next week or so, but will get back to it asap!

Be well soon @drkenb !
Definitely try the single shot mode , I find it fantastic for type of objects that are not organic in shape from nature .

Many thanks PUTV!

It may be the pain killers I’m on, but I can’t find how to do single shot mode. Can you direct me to the starting gate?

Found it! Now I feel completely stupid… :slight_smile: